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Films for TV

NOTE: Several TV programs have appeared that include footage of Reinhard's research and focus on the importance of sacred landscape among the Incas and/or findings relating to Inca frozen mummies:

National Geographic TV’s Child Mummy Sacrifice (2009) describes scientific research undertaken with the Llullaillaco mummies.

National Geographic TV’s Ice Mummies (1999) is devoted to the Llullaillaco discoveries.

NBC/National Geographic TV’s Special Inca Mummies: Secrets of a Lost Empire (2002) contains scenes of the Llullaillaco discoveries.

National Geographic Explorer TV’s film Mystery of the Inca Mummy (1996) is about the 1995 expedition to Ampato and laboratory work undertaken with the Inca Ice Maiden. Part of this film has also appeared in National Geographic’s hour-long video Ancient Graves: Voices of the Dead.

NOVA’s hour-long film Frozen in Time is about the 1996 expedition to Sara Sara.

The film Andes: Life in the Sky appeared on Discovery TV and documents the 1996 Pichu Pichu expedition. It is available at the following web site:

The film Light at the Edge of the World: Sacred Geography (2007) by 90th Parallel Productions (Toronto, Canada) examines concepts about sacred landscape of the Incas, including at Machu Picchu.

Traverse of the Bolivian Altiplano explores Lake Titicaca and the Bolivian highlands in 1998 using land/sea kayaks (American Adventure Productions

Films by Johan Reinhard

Films of Nepal in Distribution

A. The following 16 mm black & white films on Nepal are available from the Institute for Scientific Film (Institut fur den Wissenschaftlichen Film) (IWF), Goettingen, Germany (1977):

1. "Raute--Camp Scenes and Bartering" Film E 2199

2. "Raji--Shaman Initiation" E 2198.

3. "Raji‑‑Divination and Magical Treatment of an Illness" E 2197.

4. "Kusunda‑‑Consecration of Hunting Equipment" E 2196.

5. "Kusunda‑‑Construction of a Lean‑To During Hunting" E 2195.

6. "Newar, Kumhale Caste‑‑Pottery‑Making" E 2194.

7. "Newar, Udhas Caste‑‑Construction of a Water Pipe" E 2193.

B. The following 16 mm color footage is available at the Human Studies Film Archives, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.:

1. "Aspects of Raji Religion and Daily Life," 1976.

2. "Kusunda Hunting Techniques," 1976.

3. "Aspects of Ban Raut Daily Life," 1976.

4. "Ethnographic Film Survey of Tamang and Sherpa Villages, Nepal," 1978 (no. 86.13.21).

5. "Ethnographic Film Survey of Tharu Villages, Nepal," 1978 (no. 86.13.22).

6. "Ethnographic Film Survey of the Raji Peoples of Western Nepal," 1978 (nos. 86.13.24 and 86.13.30).

Films of Nepal

1. “Expedition Through NW Nepal and Dolpo” 16 mm color film, 1971. (Used in Peace Corps Nepal Training 1977)

2. “Scenes from Nepal: Tibetan Ceremonies, Trekking and Mountain Climbing” 16 mm color film 1968-71 (Used in Peace Corps Nepal Training 1977)

Films in Distribution that include Reinhard's Footage

1. “Llullaillaco Archaeological Expedition” Salta Region, Argentina 1999 (includes discovery of three Inca mummies at 22,000 ft) (Portions appeared in National Geographic TV's Ice Mummies, Inca Mummies: Secrets of a Lost Empire, and Ancient Graves: Voices of the Dead)

2. Underwater archaeological footage for the film Tiwanaku: A Land Finds Its History, Videcom, St.Galens, Switzerland, 1992 (available in English, German, and Spanish).

3. Underwater footage (16 mm color) in Lake Titicaca for the feature‑length documentary Inti Anti: The Cordillera of the Sun, Latin American Documentary Services, Buenos Aires, 1982.

4. High-altitude footage (16 mm color) for the BBC`s TV special entitled North of Kathmandu, 1978.

5. Footage (16 mm color) of sponge divers of Kalymnos, Greece, 1965. (Portions appeared in the documentary, Aegean Sponge Divers, available through the Extension Media Center, UC Berkeley).

Video Footage of Research in the Andes

1. “Ampato Archaeological Expedition” Arequipa Region, Peru 1997 (includes discovery of an Inca mummy at 19,000 ft)

2. “Misti Archaeological Expedition” Arequipa Region, Peru 1998 (includes discovery of six Inca human sacrifices at 19,200 ft)

3. “Quehuar Archaeological Expedition” Salta Region, Argentina 1999 (includes discovery at 20,000 ft of remains of an Inca mummy partly destroyed by looters)

4. “Chañi Archaeological Expedition" Salta Region, Argentina 2000 (investigation of site at 19,900 ft where an Inca mummy had been looted)

5. “Inca Trail and Machu Picchu” Peru 1998

6. “Lake Titicaca and Island of the Sun” Bolivia 1998

7. “Underwater Archaeology in Lake Titicaca” Bolivia 1990-92 (includes discovery of Inca and Tiahuanaco artifacts underwater off Island of the Sun at 12,500 ft)

8. "Underwater Archaeology in Urcos and Huacarpay Lakes" Cuzco Region, Peru 2004 (surveys using subbottom profiler)

9. "Underwater Archaeology in Lake Culebrillas" Ecuador 2009 (investigation of lake at 12,300 ft)

10. "Festivals and Inca Sites of the Cuzco Region " Peru 1998, 2002 and 2005 (includes Inti Raymi, Mt. Huanacauri, Sacred Valley sites)

11. "Pachatusan Archaeological Expedition” Peru 2002 (excavation of ceremonial site on Mt. Pachatusan) Cuzco Valley, Peru

12. "Llanganatis Expedition" Ecuador 2008 (investigation of lake on Cerro Hermoso)

13. "Easter Island Archaeology" Chile 2009

Video Footage of Research Outside the Andes

1. "The Iceman's Site and Region" Italy 2004 & 2007

2. "Underwater Archaeology in Toluca Volcano's Lake of the Moon" Mexico 2007 & 2010

3. "Sacred Mountains of Greece" Greece 2002

4. "New Ireland and New Britain Islands" Papua New Guinea 2008

5. "Grand Canyon Rafting" 1998

NOTE: This section consists of a list of TV programs, 16 mm films, and videos about Reinhard's research. For links to a selection of videos available online, see "Videos Online."