selected lecture locations (1996 to present)

Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago (IL)

Art Museum (Kunstlerhaus), Munich (Germany)

Beneath the Sea Annual Event (NJ) (featured speaker)

Bowers Museum of Cultural Art, Los Angeles

British Embassy, Geneva (Switzerland)

Carleton College, Northfield, MN

Cultural Institute and Catholic University, Salta (Argentina)

Dumbarton Oaks "Symposium on Pilgrimage and Ritual Landscape in Pre-Columbian America," Washington, D.C.

Explorers Club, NY (featured speaker at Annual Dinner)

Explorers Club, San Antonio (featured speaker at Annual Dinner)

Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago

Getty Institute, Los Angeles

Hartford Insurance/Hartford Middle School, Hartford

Houston Museum of Natural Science, Houston

IBM, Palm Beach, FL (featured speaker at annual event) Outdoor Industry (annual event), Washington, D.C.

Institute of Andean Studies, Annual Symposium, UC Berkeley

International Early Man Symposium, Vienna (Austria)

International Mountain Film Festival's "Symposium on Andean Cultures," Telluride, CO

Institute Bartolome de las Casas, Cuzco (Peru)

Institute for Genomic Research, Rockville, MD

Los Angeles County Museum, Los Angeles

Midwestern Andean Archaeology Annual Meetings, Beloit

NASA, Washington, D.C, Man in Space Symposium

National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C. (featured speaker)

National Geographic Around-the-World Trips (featured lecturer on three round-the-world flights)

National Geographic Endeavor (Cruise Ship lecturing along the coast of Peru & Chile)

National Geographic Explorer (Cruise Ship lecturing along the coast of Peru & Chile)

Natural History Museum (Naturhistorisches Museum), Frankfurt (Germany)

National Institute of Culture, Cuzco (Peru)

National Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology, Lima (Peru)

National Symposium of Geology and Geography, Calgary, (Canada)

School of African & Oriental Studies, London (UK)

Silversea Cruises (lecture series along coast of South America)

Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

Society Expeditions (Cruise ships Explorer and World Discoverer on five trips along South American coast, Antarctica, Pacific Ocean, and Caribbean)

Sorenson Media, Salt Lake City

Stanford University, Palo Alto

Strong Capital Management, (WI) (featured speaker)

Teton Science School, Kelly (WY) (featured speaker at annual meeting)

Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu (Nepal)

University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Los Angeles

University of New York, Binghamton, NY

University of Lisbon, Lisbon

University of Madrid, Madrid

University of Texas, Arlington, TX

University of Tokyo, Tokyo

University of Vienna, Vienna (Austria)

Vulcan Inc., Seattle

World Bank, Washington, D.C.

Achaeology Museum of South Tyrol, Bolzano (Italy)