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National Geographic Videos Online

Numerous videos have appeared online that have footage relating to Reinhard's work, and this section provides links to a few of the more interesting ones. For a list of other videos, 16 mm films, and TV programs about his research, see Films & TV.

1. Mystery of the Inca Mummy (1996) This is about the 1995 Ampato expedition and discovery of the Inca Ice Maiden. Information is at: A clip of the "virtual autopsy" of the Ice Maiden is at:

2. Ice Mummies: Frozen in Heaven (1999) This is devoted to the discoveries of three frozen Inca mummies on Mt. Llullaillaco. Information--including a video clip--about the 1999 expedition to Lllullaillaco is at:

3. Machu Picchu Decoded Contains interview with Johan Reinhard & Llullaillaco scenes:

4. Ghosts of Machu Picchu Contains interview with Johan Reinhard & Llullaillaco scenes:

5. Death of the Iceman Contains interview with Johan Reinhard:

6. Inca Mummies: Secrets of a Lost World (2002) Contains scenes of the Llullaillaco discoveries.

7. Ancient Graves: Voices of the Dead. Part of Mystery of the Inca Mummy appeared in this hour-long video.

8. Sacred Geography is one hour of a 4-hour series titled Light at the Edge of the World, which aired worldwide on the National Geographic International Channel in 2009. Sacred Geography was filmed in Peru and includes interviews and scenes at Machu Picchu with Johan Reinhard. Full video: and video clip:

9. Finding Frozen Mummies in One of the World’s Tallest Mountain Ranges (2016):

These last two videos are of educational significance to Reinhard's interests and are the first in their series, proceed to YouTube to view their complete series.